Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Description (Game published on 2010-01-05)

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense takes Hero’s popular series into new genres and beyond! With 7 enemy types, over 11 unique tower paths, tower merging allowing for mega towers and mega-mega towers (the size of 16 towers combined!), and 52 whopping game modes, we’re pretty sure you’ll have plenty to keep you busy until the release of Bubble Tanks Arenas. :) If that’s not enough for you, just check the “FML” checkbox from level select and prepare to get your world rocked… er… blocked.

This has been a huge undertaking for Hero Interactive and we’re proud to finally release the game. A special thanks goes out to our fans for all of your support!


Bursting Your Bubble Badge

(5 points)

Complete the 2 tutorial stages

Bubble Rubble Badge

(15 points)

Complete any 15 levels

Cut Through the Chase Badge

(30 points)

Complete all the medium levels and the "Cut Through" level

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble Badge

(60 points)

Complete every available level without losing any lives

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